Q1.What is a sub-wholesaler?
A1.Sub-Wholesaling is a program that Ben Avon Treasures offers to those individuals who would like to ‘start’ their own business without the added cost. It’s easy to do, and involves very little to no financial investment to get it started. Please contact us directly to learn more about this opportunity to make extra money.

Q2.How do I view the sizes of the products?
A2.You can view the products size when you click on the banner above the product or when you add the product to your basket.

Q3. Is your site secure?
A3. Yes, very secure. All of your information is encrypted so only our credit card company, Authorizenet, is able to view your credit card info. If you do not feel secure, feel free to phone in your order.

Q4.Do you sell to store at discount prices?
A4. Yes, just email us at info@benavontreasures.com let us know what you are looking for and the quantity and we will send you a price.